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Disaster Recovery and High Availability 101

July 7, 2020 by Jack Vanlightly
Be aware this post has out of date information
RabbitMQ now has Disaster Recovery capabalities in the commercial editions via the Warm Standby Replication feature

In this post I am going to cover perhaps the most commonly asked question I have received regarding RabbitMQ in the enterprise.

How can I make RabbitMQ highly available and what architectures/practices are recommended for disaster recovery?

RabbitMQ offers features to support high availability and disaster recovery but before we dive straight in I’d like to prepare the ground a little. First I want to go over Business Continuity Planning and frame our requirements in those terms. From there we need to set some expectations about what is possible. There are fundamental laws such as the speed of light and the CAP theorem which both have serious impacts on what kind of DR/HA solution we decide to go with.

Finally we’ll look at the RabbitMQ features available to us and their pros/cons.


High Availability in RabbitMQ: solving part of the puzzle

October 25, 2011 by Matthew Sackman

In RabbitMQ 2.6.0 we introduced Highly Available queues. These necessitated a new extension to AMQP, and a fair amount of documentation, but to date, little has been written on how they work.